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Master’s Programme

in Sport and Olympic Studies for 2015-2017


Drawing on its expertise in physical education to provide teaching, coaching, Olympic and Paralympic education, and a curriculum based on the latest advances in Sport Science and Medicine, the University of Tsukuba trains sport leaders for the coming era.


Olympic & Paralympic Education

  • Olympic & Paralympic History
  • Olympic Movement Studies
  • Olympism & Legacy
  • Olympic & Paralympic Education

〈Faculty Profiles〉
Name / 1. Title, Degree / 2. Research Theme / 3. Main Works (Publication & performance up to 2)

SANADA Hisashi

  1. Professor, B.P.E., M.P.E., Ph.D.
  2. History and Anthropology of the Olympic Games
  3. Concept of the Intermediate Olympic Games at 1906: Continuity with the Past Olympics. International Journal of Sport & Health Science. 8: 7-14, 2010 Artistic Competitions at Greek Olympic Games in the 19th Century. International Journal of Sport & Health Science. 7: 23-30, 2009.

SAWAE Yukinori


  1. Associate Professor B.P.E., M.P.E., Ph.D.
  2. Supports of Movement Development for Children with Developmental Disorders
  3. The Educational Program to Promote Interest in Adapted Physical Activities for Students Majoring in Physical Education, Japanese Journal of Adapted Sport Science, 9(1), 35-45, 2011. The Motor Regulation of a Child with Autistic Spectrum Disorders through the Interpersonal Movement Learning, Proceedings: The 15th Symposium of Japanese Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise, 2011.

LYRAS Alexis


  1. Associate Professor B.P.E., M.A. and Ph.D.
  2. Olympic Education and Applied Olympism for Humanity Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development
  3. Olympism for Humanity Alliance, Inc. Founder and President
    Olympism in the Service of Humanity: Olympism for Humanity Alliance’s bridges between theory and practice. The Official Journal of the International Olympic Academy. Vol. 8, pages 50-53.

Sport Management

  • Sport Organisation & Governance
  • International Sport Event Management
    (Joint Seminar with AISTS)
  • International Sport Marketing, Sponsorship & Media Management
  • Sport Finance & Economics
    (Joint Seminar with AISTS)
  • Sport and Policy

〈Faculty Profiles〉
Name / 1. Title, Degree / 2. Research Theme / 3. Main Works (Publication & performance up to 2)



  1. Associate Professor, B.E., M.E.
  2. Business Administration of sport organization
  3. From national event to local memory – World Cup 2002. Sport in Society Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics, 14(4), 495-503, 2011. Moving with the bat and the ball: the migration of Japanese baseball labour, 1912-2009. Sport And Migration Borders, boundaries and crossings, Routledge, 46-55, 2011.

KANEKO Fumihiro


  1. Assistant Professor, B.A., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.
  2. A History of Sport Policy in Post War United Kingdom
  3. Ozaki, M. and Kaneko, F.: A History of Post-war Sport Policy in Japan and the United Kingdom. Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies, 43(2): 81-102, 2011.

Sport Science and Medicine

  • Sport Technology & Biomechanics
  • Health & Environment
  • Anti-Doping
  • Sport Medicine
  • Exercise Physiology & Human Performance

〈Faculty Profiles〉
Name / 1. Title, Degree / 2. Research Theme / 3. Main Works (Publication & performance up to 2)


  1. Professor, B.Eng., M.E., Ph.D.
  2. Exercise Physiology and Environmental Physiology
  3. Modulation of the control of muscle sympathetic nerve activity during incremental leg cycling. Journal of Physiology. 586(11):
    2753-66. 2008. Comparison of hyperthermic hyperpnea elicited during rest and submaximal, moderate intensity exercise. Journal of Applied Physiology. 104(4): 998-1005.2008.

HONDA Yasushi

  1. Professor, B.H.S., M.D., M.P.H., Dr. P.H., Ph.D.
  2. Envionmental Epidemiology, Epidemiologic Methods
  3. Issues in health risk assessment of current and future heat extremes. Global Health Action 2009. DOI : 10, 3402/qha. v2i0. 2043.
    Heat-related mortality risk model for climate change impact projection. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, 2013. DOI:10.1007/s12199-013-0354-6.



  1. Associate Professor, M.D.
  2. Sport internal medicine
  3. The utility of the condition check sheets during altitude training and the difference of the physical condition by experience. The journal of Japanese Society of Clinical Sports Medicine 19(1), 20-28, 2011.

Sport for Development & Peace

  • Sport for Development & Peace
  • Sport & Gender
  • Sport, Culture & Society
  • Sport & PWDs(Person with Disabilities)
  • International Relations

〈Faculty Profiles〉
Name / 1. Title, Degree / 2. Research Theme / 3. Main Works (Publication & performance up to 2)



  1. Professor, B.P.E., M.E., Ph.D.
  2. Body culture studies: Cultural and political studies on body movement
  3. Shimizu, S.: Tokyo, Bidding for the Olympics and the Discrepancies of Nationalism. The International Journal of The History of Sport, 31-6: 601-617, Routledge, 2014. Shimizu, S.: The Significance of Koshien Baseball in Postwar Okinawa: A Representation of “Okinawa”.The International Journal of The History of Sport, 29-17: 2421-2434, Routledge, 2012.



  1. Assistant Professor, B.P.E., M.P.S.
  2. Theoretical and practical study of humanitarian and social development through sport
  3. Researching and teaching the policy and concept of international development/ assistance through sport and activities of sport for development and peace: Education policy in Cambodia: fundamental proposals for diffusion of physical education. Japan J. Phys. Educ. Hlth. Sport Sci. 57: 297-313, 2012.



  1. Associate Professor, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
  2. Sport and International Relations (Sport and Foreign Policy, Sport Diplomacy, International Cooperation and Peace through Sport)
  3. (a) Ubaidulloev, Z. “The History and Characteristics of Traditional Sports in Central Asia: Tajikistan”. The Bulletin of Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Volume 38, pp.43-58, March 2015.
    (b) Sanada, H., Ubaidulloev Z., Nemoto, F., Egami I., Obayashi, T. “Olympic education programs related to the Sochi Olympics and Paralympics ”. Journal of Olympic Education, Vol.2, 04/2013-03/2014, pp. 9-12.
    Centre for Olympic Research & Education, May 2014.

Teaching, Coaching and Japanese Culture

  • Elite Sport Coaching
  • Taiku(Physical Education)
  • Budo
  • Japanese Culture
  • Cross-cultural Communicaton

〈Faculty Profiles〉
Name / 1. Title, Degree / 2. Research Theme / 3. Main Works (Publication & performance up to 2)

OKADE Yoshinori

  1. Professor, M.P.E.
  2. Curriculum theory in Physical Education
  3. Yoshinori Okade:Making Standard forBall Games in Physical Education (PE). Krueger, M. and Neuber, N. (Hrsg.) Bildung im Sport. VS Verag. pp. 187-199.2011 Myrian Nunomura, Yoshinori Okade and Paulo Carrara;How much artistic gymnastics coach know about their gymnasts’ motivation. Science of Gymnastic Journal.4(2):27-37.2012 Dorothee Alfermann, Guido Geisler, Yoshinori Okade:Goal orientation, evaluative fear, and perceived coach behavior among competitive youth swimmers in Germany and Japan. Psychology of Sport and Exercise.14(3): 307–315.2013.

RAKWAL Randeep

  1. Professor, Ph.D.
  2. Biochemistry and Biotechnology
  3. Hori M, Shibato J, Nakamachi T, Rakwal R, Ogawa T, Shioda S and Numazawa S, Two-color dye-swap DNA microarray approach toward confident gene expression profiling in PMCAO mouse model for ischemia-related and neuropeptide PACAP38-influenced genes. Genomics Data 3:148-154, 2015. Lee MC, Rakwal R, Shibato J, Inoue K, Chang H and Soya H, DNA microarray-based analysis of voluntary resistance wheel running reveals novel transcriptome leading robust hippocampal plasticity. Physiological Reports 20:2(11). pii: e12206, 2014. Hori M, Nakamachi T, Rakwal R, Shibato J, Nakamura K, Wada Y, Tsuchikawa D, Yoshikawa A, Tamaki K and Shioda S, Unraveling the ischemic brain transcriptome in a permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion mouse model by DNA microarray analysis. Disease Models & Mechanisms. 5:270-283, 2012.


  1. Associate Professor
  2. Associate Professor, B.P.E., M.P.E., Ph.D.
  3. History of Japanese martial arts(Budo), Diffusion and acceptance of Japanese martialarts The study about a symbol of Geum in the books of Korean martial arts in the Choson Yi dynasty, Research Journal of Budo,44-2,65-81,2011 The process of the acceptance of the characteristics of Japanese swords in Ji-Xiao-Xin-Shu: Through a comparison between two editions of Ji-Xiao-Xin-Shu,Research Journal of Budo,45-2,87-107,2012.


  1. Assistant Professor, Ph.D
  2. Training Science in Swimming
  3. Continuous glucose monitoring during a 100 km race – A case study in an elite ultra-marathon runner, International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, 10, 124-127, 2015. Comparison of the training load during High Intensity Interval Resisted Training programed by different exercise duration, In: Mason B(eds.), Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming XII, 328-332, 2014. Glucose response after a ten-week training in swimming. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 32, 835-838, 2011. Effect of computer assisted instruction web site for swimming to childrens’ learning motives and learning strategy. In: JP Vilas-Boas, F Alves, A Marques (eds.), Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming X, 341-343, 2006.


  1. Associate Professor, B.P.H.E., M.Sc., Ph.D.
  2. Psychology of competitive sport; Coaching theory & practice
  3. Geisler, G. East-West measures of evaluative concern and self- presentational thinking in intercollegiate soccer. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, in press (DOI: 10.1080/1612197X.2016.
    1162188; available online from 30 March 2016).
    Alfermann, D., Geisler, G., & Okade, Y. Goal orientation, evaluative fear, and perceived coach behavior among competitive youth swimmers in Germany and Japan. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 14(3), 307-315, 2013.

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