TIAS First Batch of Master’s Students Enter the University of Tsukuba

Educating Next Generation Leaders for the International Sport World Long-Awaited Start of Japan’s First Sport Academy!TIAS students

On Wednesday, September 30, Entrance Ceremony and Kickoff Seminar was held at the University of Tsukuba Main Hall for the Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies (TIAS) established in connection with the “Sport for Tomorrow” Program to popularize sports and the Olympic & Paralympic movement being promoted by the Japanese government.

At the opening of TIAS which was also a landmark for Japan Sports Agency newly established on Thursday, October 1, Hisashi Sanada, Chairman of TIAS and Professor at the University of Tsukuba mentioned about his expectation in TIAS students, stating, “The students themselves serve as the legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. I hope that they go on to become individuals that can achieve success on the world stage as next-generation global leaders.” Quoting the words of Coubertin, father of the modern Olympic Games – “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle, the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well” – Sanada voiced his support for the 18 students. The 18 students from 12 countries, including Japan, attended the entrance ceremony as the first crop of TIAS students. Abdul Wahab Musah, a Ghanaian student who has been learning about international development, commented, “Sport has enabled me to meet various people and experience amazing things. I hope to continue my hard work with TIAS so as to pay back what I owe to society.” Among the 18 students who each commented on their passionate commitment, Ahmad Lisca Abdillah, who had been working for the Indonesia government’s Ministry of Youth and Sports, added, “I would like to research how governments support sports and in the future apply what I have learned at TIAS to establish an environment for sports in my own country.”

At the Kickoff Seminar, The executive board member of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Claudia Bokel and other distinguished guests at work on the frontline of the international sports world were in attendance. Mrs. Bokel outlined the current activities of the IOC, such as anti-doping activities. And expressing the hopes that the IOC has for the TIAS students, she imparted the message, “We would like to see the students learn about the Olympic & Paralympic movement in the wonderful environment at University of Tsukuba in order to become the next generation of leaders for the sports world. We hope that they do not forget that the TIAS Program has a direct connection to the value of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, as well as to the sport for tomorrow.” In addition, Nick Fuller, founder of EdComs and former Head of Education for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, provided an assessment of TIAS’s efforts in preparation for Tokyo 2020, “As the person in charge of the Education Program of the London Olympic Games, I am happy to be able to hand the next baton to Tokyo. I hope to these students value this occasion that brings together such a diverse assortment of people from the world over and become next-generation leaders for the sports world so as to have a positive influence over others via the things they learned at TIAS.” Geert Hendricks, AISTS Head of Projects, which has already produced numerous graduates of the International Sports Academy for the IOC and IF, said, “Japan is taking on a major role in sports management in Asia through the TIAS Program. It is fantastic that the timing of the completion of the TIAS Program was right after the establishment of AISTS. I hope that AISTS and TIAS can assist one another to take on the task of constructing an Olympic legacy.”

■ Entrance Ceremony and Kickoff Seminar
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Venue: Special Conference Room, University Hall, University of Tsukuba (1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki)
Sponsor: Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies, AISTS

Speakers: Hisashi SANADA (Chairman of TIAS, University of Tsukuba Professor)
Toshiaki TANAKA (Director, Olympic & Paralympic Office, Competitive Sports Division, Sports and Youth Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan)
Hidekazu TANAKA (Director for Culture Education, Planning Division, Planning and Finance Bureau, Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games)
Claudia Bokel (Executive Board Member of IOC, Chair of the IOC Athletes Career Program Steering Committee)
Nick Fuller (Founder of EdComs and former Head of Education for the London Olympic and Paralympic Games)
Geert Hendricks (AISTS Head of Projects)

■ Schedule following the Entrance Ceremony and Kickoff Seminar (tentative)

Thursday, October 1 Lectures begin
17:00-20:30 “2015 International Athlete Forum for 2020” at New Otani Hotels
Friday, October 2
17:00-20:30 “2015 International Athlete Forum for 2020” at Main Study Room, Ajinomoto National Training Center

December 2015 TIAS internship (until March)
June 2016 Interim Report Session
July 2016 TIAS internship (until September)
September 2016 Interim Report Session (alternative date)

Early November 2016 Submission of final report title
End of November 2016 Application for early graduation (students)
Early December 2016 Specialization Review Committee, Education Conference for Physical Education Specialization
Late December 2017 Graduate Course Steering Committee
Early January 2017 Submission of Final Report
Early February 2017 Review of Final Report, certification for graduation (from specialization to graduate course)
March 2017 Conferment of degrees

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