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TIAS & AISTS Short Programme
Admission Guideline

*Short Programme will not be held anymore. Thank you for your cooperation.


Name of programme : TIAS & AISTS Short Programme
Programme period :
・ Week 1 : 24 May (Sun) ~ 29 May (Fri), 2015
・ Week 2 : 1 June (Mon) ~ 5 June (Fri), 2015
Number of participants : International participants : 20, Japanese participants : 10
Venue : Tokyo Bunkyo School Building, University of Tsukuba (3-29-1 Otsuka, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo,
Objective : To promote Olympic Movement and provide an opportunity to exchange with Sport
professionals for the participants through studying Sport.

Admission Requirements

1. Bachelorʼs or any higher degree holders(in any field)
2. Sufficient command of English to take classes conducted in English
(TOEFL80 (iBT), 550 (PBT) TOEIC740, IELTS6.0/JLPT Grade Pre-1 or equivalent)
3. Those who are interested in the Olympic movement in Japan and Japanese culture
4. Those who are keen to acquire modern knowledge which is vital to international sports in the 21st century and hope to embark on a career as a world-class professional with management skills

Required Documents to be submitted

1. CV/Resume(In any format, up to 2 pages on A4 paper)
―Educational history from High school (or equivalent) onwards, employment history, social activities or academic achievements may be included
2. Motivation Letter(in any format, up to 2 pages on A4 paper photo(s)/drawing(s) are permitted as inserts)
Please include the following points in your motivation letter :
1) What attributes are required to become a world-class professional in international sports?
2) Taking the answer for the above into consideration, what are your motivations for applying to this programme and how would you like to utilise this experience in the future?
3) What are your personal achievements or accomplishments in sport?
3. Degree Certificate(s)
4. Certificate proving English proficiency
(TOEFL80(iBT), 550(PBT) TOEIC740, IELTS6.0/JPLT-Grade Pre-1 or equivalent)
※If there is not sufficient time to obtain those certificates, proof of English proficiency issued by a third party such as a teacher of English at University can be submitted.(in any format)
5. A photocopy of applicantʼs passport (or any official documents indicating applicantʼs nationality)
6. A passport-sized photo (4 x 3 cm)
※All documents and forms must be filled out either in English or Japanese. All the submitted personal information shall be treated in a strictly confidential manner by TIAS and be only used for the purpose of selecting participants for the programme.

Application Process ・ Online Application

1. Please fill out and submit an online application form :
Available from 12:00 (Japan time), 2 March (Mon), 2015
2. Scanned copies of all required application documents listed on ʻ1~6ʼ shall be submitted as PDF when you submit the online application.
Application period :
12:00 (Japan time), 2 March (Mon), 2015 ~ 17:00 (Japan time), 31 March (Tue), 2015

3. The result will be announced and sent to all applicants by e-mail no later than
17:00 (Japan time), 7 April (Tue), 2015

Important Notes after the acceptance of the admission

1. All participants are required to attend and complete a 13 days programme from 24 May (Sun) ~ 5 June (Fri) 2015.
2. In some cases, TIAS might allow Japanese participants to attend only the 2nd week from 1 June (Mon) to 5 June (Fri) 2015.
3. An official invitation letter to participants shall be sent by e-mail upon request. If you need to apply for a visa, we advise you to start processing it as soon as possible.
4. To attend the Welcome Dinner on the first day, participants are required to arrive at either Narita International Airport or Tokyo (Haneda) International Airport between 08:00~13:00 on 24 May (Sun).Should you be unable to arrive during the above mentioned time slot due to flight schedules, you are required to notify to TIAS beforehand.


Please contact us if you have any questions:
E-mail :

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