Leader’s Message

Chair, Master’s Program in Sport and Olympic Studies,
Dr. Koyo FUKASAWA , University of Tsukuba

While our lives and the environment surrounding ‘sport’ have started to change dramatically, the TIAS (Tsukuba International Academy for Sport Studies), is progressing – from being a pioneering academic legacy project for the Tokyo 2020 Games under the Sport for Tomorrow consortium of the Japanese government – to the next stage standing on its own two feet as a fully formed degree program at the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Tsukuba. In the midst of an unpredictable social climate, this degree program will explore the true value of sport, and aspires to be a light to illuminate the intangible aspects of sport.The Olympic and Paralympic Games are not only an international mega-event, but are entrenched in our daily rhythms of life as the Olympic and Paralympic movements, illuminating all those touched. There is a limit to thinking about business models based solely on international matches and events; we enter a phase to develop management, marketing, education, coaching and sports science touching on sports all through the 365-days.

Let us create a vision that builds a bridge full of color like a rainbow, infinitely varied in character from Olympic and Paralympic sports, respecting localism in globalism, diversity, and sports culture, and stimulating the peoples of all shades vitality! The unique and creative talents who will have learned and enhanced their potential through this program will be the next generation of leaders, as well as renew Jigoro Kano’s dream.

18 September 2020