Kimono and Japanese manners in Japanese Culture Class

Japanese Culture course prepared the opportunity to wear kimono and play Japanese traditional games for students.
They wore yukata that is a Japanese traditional summer version of kimono and leraned traditional cultures and manners.
They understand Japanese manners in Japaese syle room called “Washitsu” and gift culture. Since there is the Washitsu in Global Village,
they practiced to take off shoes, greet and give a present in a formal way. The students also enjoyed Japanese traditional Games, for example
Kendama, Hanetsuki, Koma, Darumaotoshi, and Fukuwarai. They interacted with each other by sharing the similarities and differences
between Japanese culture and their own culture.

Fabiano Vanroo Silveira says, “It was very interesting to try one the millenary and cultural kimono. It is a full experience after seeing many people using it and then finally wearing one.
It is complex to wear it in the correct way, so we gladly had the help of Egami sensei. I felt very good and happy by wearing it and then sharing this moment with my classmates from all over the world, united by the Japanese culture. I hope I can wear a kimono more times in the future!”