2023. 9. 28 Exercise programme with elementary school students from four schools in Hitachi-Omiya

On September 28, 2023, at University of Tsukuba(UT), an exercise programme was conducted with elementary school students from four schools in Hitachi-Omiya. Approximately 150 pupils, teachers and graduate and undergraduate students from UT and TIAS students participated in the programme.


The aim of this programme is to promote the development of international perspectives and cross-cultural understanding by creating opportunities for international exchanges between elementary school students and international students, and to help the children of Hitachi-Omiya City learn about cooperation and collaboration, equality and fairness, and empathy through sports activities, as well as to lay a foundation for cross-cultural understanding and multicultural conviviality. The programme also provided an opportunity to learn about the relationship between the UT and the Olympic Games.


The children were divided into groups and visited various facilities at the UT, where they took part in a quiz about the UT and the Olympics, using simple English. They also took part in two activities on the rugby pitch. Despite the lingering summer heat, everyone was very energetic and enthusiastic.