Curriculum and Requirements for Completion

TIAS provides education and research guidance to develop the research capacity, specialized knowledge, and ethics in three research areas (Physical Education and Sport, Coaching, Health Science) and extensive basic education in Olympic and Paralympic movements and sports management, and wide knowledge and abilities across martial arts and sports science.

TIAS students belong to one of the four research areas and take the compulsory basic subjects and TIAS internship. To complete the course, students must be enrolled for at least 2 years in principle and have acquired at least 30 credits or more. You will be required to submit a Master’s thesis or a specific research report. Master of Arts in Sport and Olympic Studies will be awarded to those who complete the course. (※Click on the table below to jump to each syllabus.)


Interdisciplinary Foundation Courses
Olympic and Paralympic History (1)


Academic Program and Implementation of the Curriculum

1) Course Registration

  • Foundation Subjects for Major (Compulsory) (11 credits).
  • Major Subjects (Common) (8-12 credits).
  • Major Subjects (Research Major) (4-10 credits).
  • Major Subjects of non-Major or Subjects offered in other Graduate Programs (1-).
  • Student must acquire a total of 30 credits or more from the specified range of each subject major.

2) Degree Requirements for Completion

Students are required to enroll in the program for at least two years and to take the prescribed majors and acquire 30 credits or more. Students are also required to author the final report, passing the evaluation and success in the final examination.

3) Remark

It is preferable to take one (1) credit from Interdisciplinary Foundation Courses or Graduate General Education Courses. Credits for Completion may include up to ten (10) credits from subjects offered in other Graduate Programs if it is deemed to be effective from an educational standpoint.